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Ellanse and Silhouette Soft Collagen-Combo Training For Malaysian Aesthetic GPs by Dr Isaac Wong on 17-18/11/2017

Dr Isaac Wong Lecture
Dr Isaac Wong Lecture
The lecture before the doctors started on their hands on session

Ellanse and Silhouette Soft Collagen-Combo Training

I have always been a doctor who wants to provide extra value to my patients since day I. I started out with hyaluronic acid fillers and I love hyaluronic acid fillers, but I realized one thing : for ladies above 35, where aging is getting more severe by the day, hyaluronic acid costing $600-900 per cc is just not so economical. This is because the hyaluronic acid filler will be absorbed by one’s skin within 9-12 months and then disappear, leaving almost nothing behind for the patient (some studies do show a small amount of collagen produced by hyaluronic acid, which is of course quite negligible compared to what collagen-stimulator fillers do).

For that reason, I embarked on using Radiesse 5 years ago when many doctors shunned it for fear of “not being able to reverse it”. Radiesse can last from 12-18 months. When Ellanse and Silhouette Soft just emerged into the market few years ago, I was also one of the first doctors in Singapore to use it. Again, many doctors were afraid that it couldn’t be reversed. I had been to every training in anatomy and practical injection that I was invited to, I would never hesitate to pay for good training – all in the aim of providing the best results for my patient. I was very confident that I would be able to bring a whole new level of results to my patients with new-generation collagen-stimulators like Ellanse 少女针 and Silhouette Soft 铃铛线. Fast forward 2.5 years later and I’m proud to be invited to Malaysia to train aesthetic doctors in Malaysia on how to use collagen-stimulating products like Ellanse (Polycaprolactone in CarboxylMethylCellulose gel) and Silhouette Soft (PolyLactic Acid Cones Threadlift).

Dr Isaac Wong Ellance syringes
The number of syringes of Ellanse that I had used over the past one year

I had also developed a new NON-SURGICAL FACELIFT protocol called the Yuan Yang Lift – YY LIFT (鸳鸯提)which was specifically designed for ladies and men above 30 who, for various common reasons, want zero downtime and yet an immediate face-lifting effect. Read more about the YY LIFT (鸳鸯提) here.

1st Group Sharing Session

I just touched down from the airport before I was fetched to a renowned chain medi-aesthetic clinic (with 5 branches all over Malaysia) known as Gem Clinic to start my first training session of the marathon that was coming up.

Dr Isaac Wong with Dr Amelia Siah & Dr Samuel Wong
With Dr Amelia Siah and Dr Samuel Wong of GEM Clinic

Gem clinic uses mainly Juvederm fillers and are keen to explore longer-term solutions for their massive patient database of patients who had grew with them and may need collagen-stimulating options. The intensive training session lasted from 8pm-2am and it was tiring no doubt : but it was great to share about Ellanse, Silhouette Soft and my YY Lift protocol to experienced doctors in Hyaluronic Acid and threadlifts.

Doctors with the Parvus team

2nd Group Sharing Session

Surviving on barely few hours of sleep, I was giving the next lecture session at Clique Clinic (owned by one of the most famous celebrity trainer doctors in Malaysia – Dr Lim Ting Song) to 8 Malaysian doctors who had flew in from various parts of Malaysia, including Penang, Ipoh, Sarawak and Sabah.

Clique Clinic - Dr Isaac Wong with Lim Ting Song
It was great to meet Dr Lim Ting Song at Clique Clinic (he is a frequent flier and speaker at international conferences and events)
Aesthetic Doctors from all over Malaysia
Aesthetic Doctors from all over Malaysia
Me teaching them on how to perform Ellanse and Silhouette Soft treatments.
Me teaching them on how to perform Ellanse and Silhouette Soft treatments.

One by one, they left happy and contented, as they had to catch a flight back to their hometown, hence we couldn’t get a group photo. Ellanse usage for the cheeks, cheekbones, smile lines, nose and chin were practiced by them. Silhouette Soft lifting for the cheeks and jowls in a straight line placement were also taught to them.

3rd Sharing Session

Next session sharing was at Dr Ee Care Ling clinic. She was previously from the prestigious Ko Skin Clinic and came out on her own to start her own clinic. Her focus is also on injectables and thus, she was keen to learn how I use Ellanse and Silhouette Soft to produce superior no-downtime facelift results.

Dr Isaac Wong With Dr Ee Care Ling at EE Clinic
With Dr Ee Care Ling at her nicely designed logo wall in her own clinic
Wefie with Dr Ee Care Ling and Parvus team
Wefie with Dr Ee Care Ling and Parvus team

Thinking Aloud

“If you can get A+B for $X, then why settle for just A at the same price?” -Dr Isaac Wong

Assuming A stands for Filling Effect, and B for Collagen Production, why would you, as a savvy aesthetic customer, want to get less for the same money spent? Ellanse is so versatile that it can be used everywhere except the tear trough (actually I am able to use it for the tear trough as well, I will discuss it in another detailed post) and lips, and it produces Type I Collagen ( good collagen) for long-lasting youth-restoring effects. I wholly believe all ladies above 35 years old should use Ellanse and Silhouette Soft for their facial anti-ageing therapies.

Ellanse gives the volumisation and collagen, thus allowing for facial contouring in the 3-dimensional plane for good Ogee curves and heart-shaped contouring.

Silhouette Soft gives a strong 360degrees cone-lifting which does heavy duty lifting of the saggy jowls and loose fat and skin, restoring youthfulness and anti-gravity anti-ageing to the skin and underlying tissues.

The collagen-combo utilizing the two of them is known as the Yuan Yang Lift – YY Lift.


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