La Racine Threadlift (Korean Threadlift) Training For Singapore Aesthetic GPs by Dr Yang Sung Yu & Dr Isaac Wong on 29-30/10/2017

Isaac Wong doctors perform a nose threadlift
Isaac Wong doctors perform a nose threadlift
Watching one of the doctors perform a nose threadlift, gloved and ready to assist if needed

Threadlifts and the future of aesthetic medicine

It is quite well-accepted recently that threadlifts are the future of aesthetic medicine ( which I already predicted 4 years ago as I embarked on my first threadlift learning from Dr Kwon Han Jin of Ultra V Lift fame).

There is no procedure except threadlifts that can:

  1. Reposition Fat back to their original position (our facial fat compartments sag and droop with age)
  2. Provide an obvious IMMEDIATE FACELIFT effect
  3. Stimulate Collagen in the skin and fat tissues for months after treatment

La Racine Threadlifts is like an alternative brand to Ultra V Lift – the difference is that this brand is designed by Taiwanese and Japanese Plastic Surgeons and manufactured in Japan.

Results of my La Racine Threadlift

La Racine Threadlift Results
Results of my La Racine Threadlift
Korean Threadlift
From Auntie to 少女 with a Korean threadlift
La Racine Threadlift
Using La Racine Threadlift to give the face a dramatic V-Face look by lifting the cheeks, corner of the eyes, smile lines and mouth corner

Therefore, we can see quite obviously that the facial contour can be lifted nicely to a more youthful V-face state which most Asian ladies aspire to have, in my hands. I learnt my technique from my mentor, renowned Taiwanese Plastic Surgeon Dr Yang Sung Yu of Dr Young Plastic Surgery Clinic. Therefore, it was a pleasure this time to conduct the workshop together with my mentor in my home-ground, Singapore.

Course Happenings

6 Singaporean Aesthetic GPs attended this course. It started with an informative theory lesson by Dr Yang Sung Yu on the medical science behind threadlifting and which layer of the face to place the threads in for the best results. He also spoke about the danger areas to avoid. I performed demos and subsequently the doctors performed their hands-on training on threadlifts for the face, neck, forehead and nose.

how to place the threads underneath the skin
Dr Yang Sung Yu explaining the concept of how to place the threads underneath the skin
Dr Yang demonstrating the danger zones of the face
Dr Yang demonstrating the danger zones of the face and the vectors needed to lift with the best results
how to perform the threadlift
Guiding a doctor on how to perform the threadlift
Isaac Wong threadlift
Me performing a demo of the threadlift
Isaac Wong thread lift
Always ready to step in if necessary

Thinking Aloud

Threadlift is like driving, it’s easy to drive slow and safe and uneventful (without much results), but extremely difficult if you want to drive like a F1 driver and navigate sharp turns at high speeds and win the race with flying colours(providing fantastic results).

The learning curve is so steep, out of 10 doctors who learn threadlift, eventually 5 of them will give up.

Among all the medical aesthetic procedures, threadlifts has the highest and steepest learning curve. Therefore, I highly advise patients to do your research well before embarking on a threadlift procedure, as complications are likely to occur very commonly in inexperienced hands.


**The author of this blog is a regional trainer for Korean threadlifts and Silhouette Soft threadlifts.

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