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Acne Scar Treatments Singapore – Best Acne Scar Treatments 2020

Got questions? Feel free to contact me through these various methods: direct message me on Instagram (Instagram.com/dr.isaac.wong) whatsapp me @ +65 88089887 email me @ dr.isaac.kj.wong@gmail.com What is Acne Vulgaris? Acne Vulgaris (a.k.a pimples 青春痘) is the most common skin disease worldwide. It affects 88% of adolescents between 13 to 19 years1 and 41 percent of adults treated at the National Skin Centre in Singapore had experienced acne since adolescence1. It occurs due to 4 main reasons: Excess oil production Hair follicles clogged by oil and dead skin cells Bacteria (known as P.Acnes) Skin inflammation Acne typically appears on your [...]

The CELEBRITY Pico Laser To Rule Them All

Pigmentation, acne scar and tattoo removal laser PicoSure – the CELEBRITY LASER PicoSure is a pico laser which is also known as the Fan Bing Bing laser because guess what? Fan Bing Bing was caught by paparazzi trying to sneak into one of the first PicoSure clinics in Taipei to perform this treatment. Locally here in Singapore, Jamie Yeo has also become a big lover of this laser machine ever since she tried it with me and look at her glowing skin below! Celebrities have to look good constantly and they would not try any unproven treatment. They have to [...]

Combination Therapy of High Lifting Power Fillers and Threadlifts Gives No Downtime Facelifting

WARNING – I AM GOING TO REVEAL TOP MEDICAL AESTHETIC SECRETS IN THIS BLOG POST OF NO DOWNTIME FACELIFTS : READ ON TO FIND OUT IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PATIENTS WHO WANT TO HAVE ZERO DOWNTIME AND LOOK FIVE TO TEN YEARS YOUNGER IN ONE HOUR. If your well in tune into the realm of medical aesthetics, the overwhelming trend in the past two to three years is to seek maximum results (results close to what surgery can achieve) with minimum downtime ( non-invasiveness, minimal swelling and bruising, no need to take time off work ). That has [...]

Mint Lift Train The Trainers Workshop for Indonesian Jakarta Aesthetic GPs by Dr Isaac Wong on 13/05/2018

If you are a close follower of my blog posts ( I have to apologize for the hiatus for the past few months as I was really busy conducting overseas training for a few major aesthetic brands and balancing it with clinical work), you would have an idea of how threadlift is THE FUTURE of non-surgical facelifts and the medical aesthetic industry for the next 10-15 years, and how MINT LIFT is one of the most superior brands of Korean threads. On 13/5/2018, I was invited by Parvus pharmaceuticals to help train up budding new Mint Lift trainers from Indonesia ( [...]

Threadlifting: The Future of Non-Surgical Facelifts

Do you remember the days when crowds would form at newsstands to purchase freshly printed newspapers? Or the time when having a Sony Walkman music player was cool? Fast forward 10 years, newsstands have vanished rapidly and print companies are going bust with Google being the dominant search engine for news. The newspaper companies that survived are mostly charging for online subscriptions now. Ditto for portable music players when Steve Jobs invented the first iPhone. Portable music players became OBSOLETE immediately as the era of smartphones with enough data to store music arrived. THE FUTURE OF FACELIFTS: THREADLIFTING The same [...]

Mint Lift Workshop for Indonesian Jakarta Aesthetic GPs by Dr Isaac Wong on 27-28/3/2018

As you would have heard by now, threadlift is the treatment that everybody is talking about. As I explained in another post, it is likely the aesthetic treatment of choice for the next 10-15 years. A threadlift is defined as a non-surgical procedure to tighten the skin and lift the underlying structures of the face with bioresorbable sutures. As one of the pioneer users of barb threadlifts in Singapore, I have had vast experience with many brands of bioresorbable ( dissolvable) threads and personally, I am very happy with a brand called Mint Lift. There are many special advantages about [...]

Dysport Dermalift – The Instant Party-Ready Facelift

Have you ever been so busy with work, family and other commitments that you have forgotten about an important party / social event, and remembered it only the day/ a few days before? Then, you want to look good for it but fillers, threadlifts and energy devices like Thermage or Ulthera has some downtime? This is a common scenario I face a lot – and I have had to turn patients away until I was imparted the skill of the Dysport Dermalift from Dr Lee Young Seob! What is this Dysport Dermalift about? The Dysport Dermalift (or Dermolift) was originally [...]

La Racine Threadlift (Korean Threadlift) Training For Singapore Aesthetic GPs by Dr Yang Sung Yu & Dr Isaac Wong on 29-30/10/2017

Threadlifts and the future of aesthetic medicine It is quite well-accepted recently that threadlifts are the future of aesthetic medicine ( which I already predicted 4 years ago as I embarked on my first threadlift learning from Dr Kwon Han Jin of Ultra V Lift fame). There is no procedure except threadlifts that can: Reposition Fat back to their original position (our facial fat compartments sag and droop with age) Provide an obvious IMMEDIATE FACELIFT effect Stimulate Collagen in the skin and fat tissues for months after treatment La Racine Threadlifts is like an alternative brand to Ultra V Lift [...]

Examples Why Nose Threads Are Better Than Hyaluronic Acid Fillers

Why are Nose Threads the treatment of choice for nose augmentation ( non-surgical nosejob)? The various reasons for nose threadlifts to replace nose fillers have been discussed before. Please read here. In summary, it’s because of: The RISK OF BLINDNESS that can result from nose fillers as reported worldwide – two big filler companies have in fact instructed their doctors not to use their fillers for nose augmentation. Avatar Nose – the sideways spreading of the hyaluronic acid filler The title pic above are examples of non-surgical nose augmentation (nose fillers) performed with hyaluronic acid fillers that I have encountered [...]

Advanced Usage of Ellanse for Tear Trough & Glabella: CAUTION ADVISED!


Ellanse and Silhouette Soft Collagen-Combo Training For Malaysian Aesthetic GPs by Dr Isaac Wong on 17-18/11/2017

Ellanse and Silhouette Soft Collagen-Combo Training I have always been a doctor who wants to provide extra value to my patients since day I. I started out with hyaluronic acid fillers and I love hyaluronic acid fillers, but I realized one thing : for ladies above 35, where aging is getting more severe by the day, hyaluronic acid costing $600-900 per cc is just not so economical. This is because the hyaluronic acid filler will be absorbed by one’s skin within 9-12 months and then disappear, leaving almost nothing behind for the patient (some studies do show a small amount [...]

Nose Threadlift – The Only Non-Surgical Nasal Aesthetic Procedure (Nosejob) You Should Consider

The nose is often the weakest link of many Asians – lacking in height, poor in definition and projection combined with rather unsightly nostril sizes. That is also why a good cosmetic doctor/surgeon TREATING ASIANS must be well-versed with the design, shaping and augmentation of our weakest links. If the doctor’s patients are mostly Caucasian, then they must be skilled with the opposite technique – to reduce the projection and height of the usually very prominent Caucasian nose. There are major differences in facial anatomy structure and therefore, it is important to choose the right doctor for your nose enhancement. [...]

Parvus “Beauty with Precision” Dysport & Teosyal Training For Penang Aesthetic GPs by Dr Isaac Wong on 27/07/2017

Dysport & Teosyal Training For The Doctors At Penang Aesthetic At the invitation of Parvus, a well-known distributor in South-East Asia, I was whisked over to Penang in a one day trip to impart the skills and techniques of using Dysport Botulinium Toxin A, Teosyal PureSense range of fillers and Teosyal range of RHA ( Resilient HA) fillers. I am a fan of the Teosyal Precise Pen as well and thus I decided to “Let My Art Speak”. Why Penang? Penang has long been an Allergan stronghold (meaning the doctors in Penang mostly use Juvederm and American Botox) due to [...]

Mid-Face Aging – Where It All Starts

The mid-face is one of the biggest tell-tale areas when it comes to aging Where is the mid-face? It’s anywhere between the level of the eyes to the level of the upper lip area. When we meet any stranger, our eyes automatically zoom onto the mid-face area after we have had a glance of the whole face - to subconsciously grade the person's age, as that’s where the tell-tale signs of aging appear first. Prominent cheeks in ladies are associated with youth, fertility and attractiveness (studies have shown that ladies with full, round, rosy cheeks have high levels of estrogen, [...]

Merz Aesthetics APAC ‘’Radiesse Contouring and Rejuvenation’’ Training Workshop

For Vietnamese Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons by Dr Isaac Wong on 19-20/03/2016 Being one of the pioneer users of Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxyapatite) in Singapore in 2012 (when Radiesse was still being sold to doctors via a local distributor in Singapore) , and one of the first doctors who had intense experience with Radiesse (using around 375 cc per year) since 2012, I was invited by Merz Aesthetics Asia Pacific (the principal company from Germany) to hold a Radiesse training session for key dermatologists and plastic surgeons in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam on 17/03/2016. Radiesse was already being used in [...]

Ellanse The Latest Collagen Stimulating Long Lasting Filler

ELLANSE 洢莲丝 “少女针” What is 少女针? 少女针is a very innovative and descriptive nickname for Ellanse, the latest collagen bio-stimulating filler available in Singapore. This long-lasting filler is manufactured in the Netherlands and has CE marking (the European version of the FDA). It was popularised in Seoul and Taiwan many years ago, and it was in Taiwan where the interesting nickname came about. But why this special nickname? This is because multiple before after pictures of happy patients treated with Ellanse emerged in the Taiwanese media (mainly by Dr Lin Shang Li), showed that Ellanse is able to reverse the signs of [...]

Ellanse Trainer Accreditation Taipei and First Ellanse Asia Advisory Board Meeting

Due to my vast experience with collagen-stimulating fillers (Radiesse, Ellanse), I was proud to be invited to Taipei in July 2016 to their first Ellanse trainer accreditation for South East Asia doctors and also to be the Singaporean representative of the first-ever ELLANSE Asia Advisory Board Meeting. I was also invited to IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Skin) Taiwan 2016, an international aesthetic and anti-aging conference for international doctors. The first day started off with the Ellanse Trainer Accreditation where I was paired with Dr Alan Wong of Malaysia (he was the reason I started using Radiesse 5 years [...]

Eye Bag Removal Surgery & Dark Circle Treatment in Singapore

Eye Bag Removal in Singapore 101 - Why Reduce My ‘’Eyebags’’? “Dr Wong, please help me get rid of my eyebags!” – A line I hear very often The most common complaint that triggers my patients to consult me regarding eye bag removal or dark eye circles is actually hearing unwanted comments from their colleagues or friends that they look ‘’really tired and haggard’’, even though they have had a good night’s sleep before! Either that or they themselves noticed the unsightly changes under their eyes in the mirror and feel very bothered by it (I mean, even if we [...]

Dysport Botulinium Toxin A & Dermalift Training Refresh Laser Clinic by Dr Isaac Wong

Dysport training session - Refresh Laser Clinic, Toa Payoh Central outlet on 25/11/2015 Being one of the pioneer users of Dysport in Singapore in 2012 (Allergan, who sells Botox, had the biggest market share of the Botulinium Toxin A sales then as they were the first Botulinium Toxin A brand in the market and many doctors were afraid to switch to Dysport – except a small handful of us) , and one of the first doctors who used it EXCLUSIVELY for years before Xeomin arrived in Singapore, I was invited by Menarini Asia Pacific (the Singaporean distributor of Dysport) to hold [...]

Botox Jaw Reduction with Botulinium Toxin A

Why Reduce My Jaw? The biggest obsession in beauty in East Asia is the heart-shaped face, which is otherwise known as the V-face look. It is so popular because the V Face signifies youth, beauty, and femininity, especially sub-consciously to men’s eyes. It is also evident from the picture below. As a result of its rising popularity, the need for Botox jaw reduction services have also increased in Singapore. However, not everybody is lucky to be born with a V-shaped jaw. For those who have a habit of grinding and chewing excessively, the jaw muscles become strong and big over [...]

Dermal Fillers in Singapore: A 2020 Review

Dermal filler treatments are commonplace in Singapore Everybody wants to look younger: the more ‘natural’, the better. However, as any aesthetic doctor would attest: there’s no ‘aging gracefully’, unless you count wrinkles and smile lines and puppet lines as “graceful”. Most mature ladies in Singapore who look fresh and youthful have had probably some form of dermal fillers in the form of Botulinium Toxin, Fillers and/or Non-Surgical Facelift treatments done before ( just think of any friend you have who looks much younger than her age – there should be plenty). This is especially obvious in Hollywood (although the end-results [...]