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Botox Jaw Reduction with Botulinium Toxin A

A picture of a doctor performing Botox Jaw reduction on a lady

Why Reduce My Jaw?

The biggest obsession in beauty in East Asia is the heart-shaped face, which is otherwise known as the V-face look. It is so popular because the V Face signifies youth, beauty, and femininity, especially sub-consciously to men’s eyes. It is also evident from the picture below. As a result of its rising popularity, the need for Botox jaw reduction services have also increased in Singapore.

Celebrities shape face comparison

However, not everybody is lucky to be born with a V-shaped jaw. For those who have a habit of grinding and chewing excessively, the jaw muscles become strong and big over time. This makes the face look round as the jawline contour is smoothened out (as in the lady below). A round face with a square jaw makes a lady look more masculine and mature-looking, thus being less attractive.

Celebrities from various countries: spot the face shape?

How is Botox Jaw Reduction in Singapore performed?

Botox Jaw Reduction is done by injecting botox at the right dose to relax these 2 muscles found at the side of the face. Just one to three injections are needed for each muscle, and the needle used is that of an insulin needle and thus is extremely small-calibre and unlikely to cause anything other than a sensation of an “ant-bite”. The effects start showing within 7-10 days, and then the muscles shrink further in the next 1 month’s time. 1 month after injection is when the maximum effects are seen.

Injecting Botulinium Toxin Type A (Botox) into the Muscles of Mastication ( Chewing) a.k.a Masseters can convert a square face into a heart-shaped face of beauty.

Experienced doctors know the right dose and location to inject – you will not feel like you cannot chew or smile anymore. Your face will not feel stiff in experienced hands.

Jaw botox operation in images

How often should I do Botox Jaw Reduction?

It is recommended to repeat the Botox jaw reduction treatment every 4-5 months for 4-5 sessions to make the muscle more “permanently” relaxed. If you wait more 6 months of more before going for the next session, your muscles would have grown back to its original size and thus, it would be back to square one again! Thus, it’s important to do it every 4 months in the first 2 years of treatment to WHACK THE CHEWING MUSCLES HARD and shrink them for good!

Buccinator muscle cut

Botulinium Toxin Type A ( Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) can be injected in the centre, lower and backward points of the masseter muscle – the front part of it is avoided due to possible side effects of asymmetrical smile; the upper part of it may be avoided to prevent an overly sunken jawline.

What would my friends, colleagues and family members say?

A familiar line experienced thereafter will be : “Hey, did you lose weight? Your face looks slimmer!” The face looks slimmer when the jaw muscles at the side are shrunk or deactivated or weakened.

The face also changes from a square, round or wide face into a heart-shaped V Face. You may get more attention from the opposite sex (because your face becomes more feminine looking and attractive)!

Before and after jaw reducing

Why must I choose my Botox doctor wisely?

However, be careful to choose an experienced doctor. This is because there are possible side effects of:

Lady with asymmetrical smile

1. Injecting Botox slightly in front of the jaw muscle, may cause one to be unable to smile properly, due to the smile muscle(s) a.k.a risorius being affected.


2. Injecting Botox too high up / too high a dosage can make the jaw look very sunken as compared to the cheekbones.

3. Missing out a part of the muscle may actually cause the missed part of the muscle to BECOME BIGGER immediately due to a natural compensation mechanism.

How much does Botox Jaw Reduction in Singapore cost?

Botox Jaw Reduction in Singapore costs between $500-$1200 for women per session and will cost more for men. (Men tend to have much larger muscles and need a larger dose of Botox).

Usually women will need 20-40 Botox/Xeomin Units ( equivalent to 50-100 Dysport Units) per masseter muscle.

Usually men will need 32-60 Botox/Xeomin Units ( equivalent to 80-150 Dysport Units) per masseter muscle.

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