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Dysport Botulinium Toxin A & Dermalift Training Refresh Laser Clinic by Dr Isaac Wong

Dysport Botulinium Toxin A

Dysport training session – Refresh Laser Clinic, Toa Payoh Central outlet on 25/11/2015

Being one of the pioneer users of Dysport in Singapore in 2012 (Allergan, who sells Botox, had the biggest market share of the Botulinium Toxin A sales then as they were the first Botulinium Toxin A brand in the market and many doctors were afraid to switch to Dysport – except a small handful of us) , and one of the first doctors who used it EXCLUSIVELY for years before Xeomin arrived in Singapore, I was invited by Menarini Asia Pacific (the Singaporean distributor of Dysport) to hold a Dysport training session for the doctors of Refresh Laser Clinic at their Toa Payoh Central outlet on 25/11/2015.

Dr Isaac Wong introducing the doctors of Refresh Laser Clinic
Me introducing the doctors of Refresh Laser Clinic to the usage of Dysport in my lecture

They had 5 branches then all over Singapore’s shopping malls and as they were mainly focused on laser treatments initially, they also wanted to satisfy the patients who requested for injectables at their clinics, to provide them with a full suite of medical aesthetic services.

Dr Isaac Wong present a certificate to Dr Lee Young Seob
Dr Lee Young Seob ( Korean Plastic Surgeon and the inventor of the Dysport Dermalift) at a recent refresher workshop

Having mastered the art of intradermal Botox (Dysport) injection first hand from the originator of the Dysport Dermalift, Dr Lee Young Seob of Seoul, I imparted the full technique to the 6 doctors present then.  The Dysport Dermalift (or Dermolift) can create an instant facelifting effect with zero downtime, which lasts 5-6 months. Main tricks of this technique are to ensure the placement of Dysport to be exactly intradermal (looks easy but it’s very hard to execute well consistently), the precise locations of injection for the maximum lifting and adjusting the injection points for different faces.

Dr Isaac Wong demonstrating the Dysport Dermolift live
Me demonstrating the Dysport Dermolift live
Dr Isaac Wong Guiding Dr Rachel Ho
Guiding Dr Rachel Ho on the precise placement of Dysport to achieve a maximal lifting effect with the least amount of Dysport, while Dr Joshua Chong and Dr Char Li Shing looks on.

I also went through with the doctors present, the technique of calf muscle reduction with Dysport to achieve slimmer slender calves for their patients. Bulky muscular calves in ladies can be quite a bit of an issue due to the unsightly look of the calves. Hence this is an important method to reduce the calves’ size in sporty ladies or in ladies who love to wear high heels daily.


Overall, it was a fruitful session for the doctors involved and for Refresh Laser Clinic as a whole! If your a doctor and you would like to know more about the Dysport Dermalift, feel free to contact me on the contact page. If you’re a patient, click to the blog section to read on how the Dysport Dermalift / Dermolift is a no downtime, instant facelift.

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