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Ellanse Trainer Accreditation Taipei and First Ellanse Asia Advisory Board Meeting

Ellanse Asia Advisory Board Meeting Singapore

Due to my vast experience with collagen-stimulating fillers (Radiesse, Ellanse), I was proud to be invited to Taipei in July 2016 to their first Ellanse trainer accreditation for South East Asia doctors and also to be the Singaporean representative of the first-ever ELLANSE Asia Advisory Board Meeting. I was also invited to IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Skin) Taiwan 2016, an international aesthetic and anti-aging conference for international doctors.

Anti-aging conference for international doctors

The first day started off with the Ellanse Trainer Accreditation where I was paired with Dr Alan Wong of Malaysia (he was the reason I started using Radiesse 5 years ago – one of the doctors I respect highly and also a superb collagen-stimulator doctor in Malaysia) – it was great to be paired with my idol. I was tested by Dr Franco Vercesi, a renowned plastic surgeon operating out of Milan and Vietnam, who is one of the pioneer users of Ellanse and Silhouette Soft. It could potentially be a very stressful situation but my style is to shut out all distractions when I am “in-the-zone” and thus I injected Ellanse for a Taiwanese subject easily and smoothly (as if I was injecting in my own clinic room) under the watchful eyes of Dr Franco.

Ellanse welcome board
Dr Isaac Wong being presented with the Ellanse trainer certificate

Success! Being presented with the Ellanse trainer certificate (first certificate awarded for a Singaporean doctor) by the renowned Italian Plastic Surgeon, Dr Franco Vercesi.

The next day then continued with the first Asia Ellanse Advisory Board Meeting where I sat in a conference room with the top key-opinion leaders of Ellanse worldwide (France, Italy, Australia, Hong Kong, Seoul, Taiwan, Malaysia) including the Godfather of Ellanse himself, Dr Pierre Nicolau of France. Dr Nicolau was the pioneer doctor who was heavily involved in the multiple clinical patient studies for Ellanse in the first days where Ellanse was available. It was really an eye-opener to see him present his findings from those studies and also recent studies, and share his vast experience with this filler (which is still relatively new in Singapore).

Ellanse Advisory Board Meeting 2016
Ellanse Advisory Board Meeting 2016

Not hard to spot me at the Ellanse Advisory Board Meeting ’16 : I must have missed the brief for the dress code.

Many doctors were then invited to ARS Dermatology Clinic in Taipei, one of the bigger clinics in Taiwan using Ellanse. I managed to steal a shot with the hunky manly dermatologist, Dr Alan Kuo.

Dr Alan Kuo and Dr Isaac Wong

A big thank you to Dr Alan Kuo 高荣廷医师 , an aesthetic dermatologist of ARS clinic 雅思皮肤科诊所 @arsclinic for a live demo of Ellanse filler injection, and sharing of their marketing strategies! Renowned Taiwanese celebrities like Kang Kang and Xu Meng Ze of 5566 have been photographed visiting this clinic!

The climax of the trip to Taipei was when I received an AMAZING OMG OWNAGE present from my Taiwanese friend.

CHECK THIS OUT!!! It is a present from none other than THE KING OF MANDARIN R&B, THE MAN HIMSELF, JAY CHOU 周董周杰伦!!!!

Dr Isaac Wong present from JAY CHOU
JAY CHOU Autograph

I nearly cried when I saw the present being unveiled by my friend, and a wave of emotions and joy overcame me at a shaved ice shop in Taipei. No words can describe what I felt then! My friend’s cousin is the apparel designer and buddy of Harlem Yu 庾澄庆, and she got her cousin to get Harlem to ask Jay to give me 2 of his self-autographed latest photos!! OMG OMG OMG!!! My next goal is to take a photo with Jay Chou at his upcoming concert in Singapore on 6th Jan 2017!

Overall, it was a fantastic trip, both career-wise and leisure-wise. Taiwan always brings sweet memories to me!

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